RunMylife iOS App - Beta version

The road to failure is paved with lame intentions.

The first step is wanting to improve, the 2nd step is downloading the RML app and picking your first goal. The goals are broken down into logical steps to help you slowly but surely start achieving those life goals.

If you can dream it, you can created it. With our advanced goal creation engine you can create simple or complex goals. Or simply search through the categorized community goals to find your next challenge.


It gets you to achieve shit

It is the monkey on your back, the fire under your ass.

Like a little voice telling you "you should be doing more with your life", RunMylife is there to push you to get the job done. JUST BLOODY DO IT, next thing you know you will be dead!


You can help other people do shit

Think others will benefit from your goal submit it

Some people are better at coming up with plans, so use someone elses roadmap to success. With hundreds of community goals to pick from, there is something to suit all the lazy pricks of the world. Just take that first step.


Other Great Features

This app is ever changing and ever awesome, this is what we have so far

Tracks your progress

Keeps you on track to finishing the goal.

Great community support forums.

Goal ideas, tweaks to existing goals - the hive mind controls the goals.


Try new things, hell you only live once.

Build it better

Tweak those goals till you happy it will fly.


Goals can get complex, we have the docs to help you do it right.

Secure and private

Everything you do on RunMyLife is secure and private.

Who has the guts to give it ago?

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